Meadville ART
  • Meadville
  • Obsession
  • Nobody Knows
  • Red Sky
  • Can't Help Falling In Love
  • Nowheresville
  • Fire
  • Kathleen
  • Surfer Girl/Around The Fire
  • Beach Boys
  • Weird Cornfields
  • Busman's Honeymoon


Meadville ART

David Thomas and two pale boys

Released June 23 1997.
Out of print.

Release Notes

This collection of live recordings was originally included in the David Thomas Monster box set release. Extra copies of the cd were sold separately in a stamped cardboard sleeve.

Production Notes

Obsession recorded live November 23 1996 by VARA Radio, Hilversum, Netherlands, engineered by Leo Blokhuis. Written by Thomas - Moliné ©Hearpen Music.
Nobody Knows recorded November 24 1996 at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, engineered by Colin McLean. Written by Pere Ubu, ©Ubu Projex.
Red Sky, Nowheresville, Fire, Kathleen, Surfer Girl/Around The Fire, Beach Boys, Weird Cornfields and Busman's Honeymoon recorded live June 12 1996 at Salle Ubu, Rennes (France), Festival Transmusicales, engineered by Michel Gollay. All written by Pere Ubu, ©Ubu Projex, except Surfer Girl written by Wilson, and Nowheresville and Weird Cornfields written by Thomas - Moliné - Diagram ©Hearpen Music.
Can't Help Falling In Love recorded March 11 1996 by Slovensko Mladisko Gledalisce, Ljubljana, by Z. Crnkovic. Written by Creatore - Peretti - Weiss.

David Thomas and two pale boys

David Thomas - vocals, melodeon, musette
Keith Moliné - guitar, electronics, bass
Andy Diagram - trumpet, electronics

Release History

Alternative cover design by John Thompson.