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• Lyric Library reading by Robert Wheeler - 'The Long Walk Home'
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Available now as rentals if you're not a Patreon Fannattic – the entire hour of entertainment from nearly all DPK and Soup Shows. See below. Fannatics can view for free. Others can rent episodes for $1.99/£1.50/€1.70 and all other currencies on direct exchange rate. Hosted on Vimeo.


Jun 5 2020 David Thomas presents the first ever episode of Datapanik TV (DPK TV) for patrons on their own live-streaming channel. B Movie Monster films were set to their latest live album, 'By Order Of Mayor Pawlicki,' and David relates stories, answers questions and frequently presses the wrong buttons... but that's alright. An hour of entertainment on this first week became the launch pad for all the DPK and Soup Shows that were to come, with better quality streaming, mics better aligned for volume and ideas for new slots and points of interest for Ubu fans - for music fans - around the world.


Jun 12 2020 The first Soup Show - a show that would be driven by fan’s requests and contributions. This first show featured previously un-broadcast backdrop videos from The Long Goodbye tour, extended Q&As which includes insight into David’s first musical purchases, influences and his thoughts on Simon and Garfunkel.


Jun 26 2020 Heart of Darkness - the Ska version? David Thomas hosts the second Soup Show with exclusive live video of that time he took a request from the crowd to sing HOD ska style to much protestation from the rest of the band (except Michele). There’s also the backdrop video for HOD from The Long Goodbye Tour, a video to Ubudance and the Q&A includes stories of naked ladies and meeting well known fans.


Jul 7 2020 By Order of Mayor Pawlicki/B Movie Sci-Fi special David Thomas presents the second episode of Datapanik TV (DPK TV) for patrons on their own live-streaming channel. B Movie Sci-fi films were set to their latest live album, 'By Order Of Mayor Pawlicki.’ There’s live footage of RFTT live in Diksmuide, extensive Q&As and David sings live accompanied by his accordion.


Jul 12 2020 Not available.


Jul 19 2020

DPK Concert Frigo Part One

Jul 26 2020 The most infamous concert in Ubu history, unedited. Plus a Q&A session.


Aug 9 2020 Live Gagarin


Aug 16 2020 Rocket From The Tombs Special


Aug 22 2020 Featuring Gagarin

DPK Concert Frigo Part Two

Aug 30 2020 Plus a Q&A session.


Sep 13 2020 The fan contributions were superb this week, with a tribute by JD Meatloaf called ‘Ubu At Erics’, Lyric Library contributions, An excerpt from the gig David Thomas fronted with The Holy Soul down in Australia and extremely rare footage of David and Jim Jones performing for a never aired Chuck Statler video.


Sep 20 2020 Live performance from David Thomas, Nick Pynn and Gagarin. Videos from Keith Moliné and Michele Temple.


Sep 27 2020 David talks about the mastering process.


Oct 12 2020 Not available.

DPK Tenement Year Special, Part One

Oct 25 2020 Allen Ravenstine, Archive MTV Footage, Roland Rat, Live George Had A Hat, Keith Moliné, Gagarin, Lyric Library.

DPK Tenement Year Special, Part Two

Nov 8 2020 Tony Maimone, Live Footage, Cabinet Of Crap


Nov 22 2020


Nov 29 2020 The Pop Group talks Pere Ubu.


Dec 13 2020 Behind the scenes of the Golden Surf II video, Monster Walks video, Lyric Library - Dogs, Urban Lifestyle video.

About DPK TV

Never has there been a more catastrophic year for music. Pere Ubu is, of course, well used to catastrophe. We waited and watched. We didn’t see anything we wanted to see.

In the 60s, Ghoulardi transported people into interactive TV with B movies and fan interaction in the form of letters, monster-dragster kit models, fireworks and general mayhem. A young David Thomas watched his show every week. David Thomas and Johnny Dromette shared the DiscoHome where they built a Celebrity Square set in the living room. TV was their library of how entertainment could swerve anything that makes sense to the mainstream but make perfect sense to them. Datapanik, devised by Johnny and David back in the 70s, was to have a visual outlet for both the band and the audience.

And so, in 2020, DPK TV was born. The technology involved could have been easy - grab an iPhone and press ‘go live’ on Facebook - but that was not going to have sticking power. It wasn’t going to add to the Ubu Projex Library in any meaningful way. David Thomas taught himself the tech of live-streaming with freeware and sidekick Communex, Kiersty Boon, gathered content for the programs. The first tests were brilliant. Everything worked.

The first few programs, however, were disastrous. Nothing worked. So they embarked on a mission that included upgrading the Wifi, upgrading the camera, upgrading the software and buying a simple bright, green sheet. Since that shaky start, DPK TV has now been live-streaming since May 2020, with live music, exclusive videos, never before seen archive footage, fan videos, slots such as ‘The Cabinet Of Crap (Official)’ and ‘Lyric Library,’ as well as extensive Q&As with Mr Thomas, the host. There have been special shows featuring B movies set to Pere Ubu music, an hour long Rocket From The Tombs special and the infamous Frigo gig in its entirety, with many more featured programmes to come.

Their audience have subscribed via Patreon (www.patreon.com/pereubu) and regular fans are now becoming totally integrated into the Ubu story. The broadcasts are completely unique content and music. THAT is what we wanted to see. You can see it too. Join us for $5 or whichever currency you prefer at https://www.patreon.com/pereubu.

Soup Shows are broadcast live twice monthly (at least) featuring fan contributions and input. Memories covering everything from Waffle House to John Belushi and showcasing lyrics, these programmes provide unique insight into the band and its community. The DPK Show is thematic and scheduled once a month. Both are hosted by David Thomas with sidekick Communex (aka Kiersty Boon).