Monster ART
  • David Thomas, Monster
  • The Sound Of The Sand
  • Variations On A Theme
  • More Places Forever
  • Monster Walks The Winter Lake
  • Blame the Messenger


David Thomas, Monster ART

David Thomas
David Thomas, Monster

Released June 23 1997.

Out Of Print.

Release Notes

monster n. & a. ... 2. imaginary animal compounded of incongruous elements. --The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 1985.

MONSTER was either a 4-cd or 5-cd box set packaged in a multi-way jewel case with a slip cover and a 12 page full-color booklet. The package design is by John Thompson.

Between 1981 and 1987 Pere Ubu's David Thomas recorded five studio albums with the likes of Richard Thompson, Chris Cutler, Lindsay Cooper, Anton Fier, Philip Moxham, Garo Yellin, Allen Ravenstine, Daved Hild, Jim Jones & Tony Maimone. The last of these, Blame The Messenger (1987), led directly to the reactivation of the Pere Ubu projex and is generally considered to be part of the Ubu canon.

Sound Of The Sand (1981) and Variations On A Theme (1983) hang on the guitar playing of Richard Thompson. The latter was remixed by David Thomas in 1989 and 1990 with vocal revisions and additional instrumental & vocal overdubs from Jim Jones. Unless indicated the mixes in this box set are from those remix sessions.

More Places Forever (1985) represents Mr Thomas's Pedestrians trio & quartet projex, and for the box is doubled up with Monster Walks The Winter Lake (1986), the album most often considered his masterpiece, as well as being his most personal recording. (More Places Forever has been radically remixed for this box.)

Production Notes

Digitally transferred & eq'ed by David Thomas and Paul Hamann at Suma, January 1997, except the Variations On A Theme disk which was digitally mastered at Suma in July and August 2004.

Release History

  • Cooking Vinyl HR110 (UK) Jun 23 1997 5-cd box
  • Tim/Kerr Records 97CD161 (US) Jul 1 1997 5-cd box.
  • Bomba Records BOM6601 (Japan) Jul 20 1997 5-cd box.
  • RTI Records CKV 9000 2 (Italy) 5-cd box.
  • spinART Records HR110 (US) Nov 5 2002 5-cd box.
  • Cooking Vinyl COOKCD320 (UK) Nov 1 2004 4-cd box.
  • Cooking Vinyl CKVCD4720 (US) Nov 9 2004 4-cd box.

Press Reaction

Ann Powers, New York Times, 12/14/97
Anyone who appreciates the passion and perversion of experimental rock should buy this set.