Live Free Or Die ART
  • Live Free Or Die
  • Last Of The Mohicans
  • Stacker Three
  • Fish Shack
  • Letter Home
  • Thelma's In Houston
  • Will The Deer Blink?
  • The Orange Show
  • McKissack's Blues
  • Ghost Line Diaries
  • Bay City
  • Lost Highway


Live Free Or Die ART

David Thomas and P.O. Jørgens
Live Free Or Die

Released September 2017.
Produced by P. O. Jørgens.

Ninth World Music NWM043CD

Release Notes

This project continues the partnership that produced Bay City by David Thomas and foreigners. David Thomas teamed with Danish drummer / percussionist P. O. Jørgens by invitation for an improvised performance in a Copenhagen fountain in 1996. Greenland was the name given to it. Occasional tours with a Danish band featuring Jørgens, Jørgen Teller and Per Buhl Acs followed and yielded the Bay City album, highly rated by many Ubu fans. Jørgens and Thomas toured in Denmark with a multimedia presentation based on The Orange Show in 2017. Jørgens was brought onboard the Ubu Ship for The Long Goodbye.

Production Notes

Produced and engineered by P. O. Jørgens
Recorded at Ninth World Music, Fredensborg, Denmark, in 2005.